Author Topic: custom go-kart build  (Read 159 times)

Description: Who has time and want's to help build something awesome?

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custom go-kart build
« on: July 04, 2017, 09:02:06 AM »
So I have this Yamaha gas golf cart I want to transform to a go-kart/buggy
I have a small flux welder that can do the job.
Need to track down an engine from an old snow mobile or something and mount it.
It has a torque converter that can be cleaned up, needs fuel tank.
Has a good frame, wheels and steering. (that's about all that's good on it)

I'll trade services, you can borrow it whenever you want if you help me build it.
I'm right in the middle of weaverville.
It's just been sitting in the yard too long and I won't have time to really work on it for a while still.
Been dreaming of making this a badass all-terrain go-kart.
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