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By Damon Arthur of the Redding Record Searchlight

To prevent an outbreak of a deadly fish-killing disease, federal officials plan to begin tripling the amount of water flowing out of Lewiston Dam and into the Trinity River.

Starting Thursday, the amount of water coming out of Lewiston Dam will increase from 450 cubic-feet per second to about 1,300 cfs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which operates the dam.

The Trinity River flows into the Klamath River and the higher flows in the Trinity are meant to aid salmon and trout in the Klamath.

Federal officials and others are worried about an outbreak of a disease called ich, which spreads among fish crowded into slow-moving pools of warm water in the river. The higher flows from the Trinity are supposed to flush out the lower Klamath with cooler water and reduce crowding among the fish.

A small number of fish have become infected in "extremely warm water" in the Klamath, said Michael Belchik, a senior fisheries biologist for the Yurok Tribe, which is based on the Klamath River.

An ich outbreak in 2002 killed some 35,000 salmon and steelhead trout in the river.

"We take this threat to our fish very seriously, and we're looking at every option to protect our fish," said Thomas P. O'Rourke, Yurok Tribe chairman. "We don't want to go through another catastrophe like the fish kill in 2002, and we will do anything we can to avoid that outcome this year."

The Klamath Fish Health Assessment Team, which monitors fish fitness in the river, rated danger in the stream on Wednesday at "yellow" because of unfavorable physical and chemical conditions in the stream.

There are four "levels of readiness," for the river, starting at green, the lowest level and best conditions for fish. Levels increase to yellow, orange and red, which means a fish kill is imminent or underway, according to the team's website.

During the past several years of warm summer weather and drought, the higher releases from Lewiston Dam have been an annual event in August and September.

This year's higher flows, which could go as high as 3,500 cfs, are expected to last until late September.

David Coxey, general manager of the Bella Vista Water District in Redding, said sending more water down the Trinity River means there will be less water for cities and agriculture in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys.

Nearly all the municipal water districts in the Redding area get water through the bureau.

"It's disheartening how our supply reliability continues to erode," Coxey said.

There is also less hydropower generated when more water is sent down the Trinity River, Coxey said.

Water is shipped via large pipes from Lewiston Lake to Whiskeytown Lake, where it is used to also generate power at the Carr Powerhouse. The water is then shipped by pipe again from Whiskeytown to Keswick Reservoir, where power is generated again at the Spring Creek Powerhouse.

Higher flows into the Trinity and Klamath rivers also ultimately mean less water flowing into the Sacramento River to aid endangered winter-run chinook salmon that spawn in the river in Redding, Coxey said.

"This is a discouraging decision that further hurts the salmon over here," he said.

Gardening and Wildlife / Trinity farms for compliance
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Community Discussion and General Bulletin Area / Formatting cheat sheet
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Here's the basics on BBcode

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Here is a link to the basic bulletin board codes by SMF
If you want to insert an image inline in the post somewhere, the image needs to be on the internet allready somewhere, either from an image hosting site or uploaded here as an attachment first. If you upload it here as an attachment, you can then view your post, view your attached image, right click on your image and click "copy image location". You now have the image's URL.
Insert your image like so:
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You can also resize your image:
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[img width=300]http://image-url[/img]you can use any width, numbers are in pixels.

Below are the thumbnail of the original attachment that was uploaded.

- - - - - - Marquee! Moving on to Youtube embedding and iframe use - - - - - -
Embedding Youtube Videos:

1) Go To YouTube and pick a Video any video which you want to embed on Simple Machine Forum
2) Click the Share tab
3) After that You need to click Embed
4) Once the Embed is clicked you will able to see the Iframe Code - Copy that Code
5) Then Go to Your Forum were you want create a new topic / post
6) Lets put some content before you embed a YouTube Video in Simple Machine Forum (Best Practice Tips from YouTube)
7) After the Content You need to Put some simple Code as below
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[b][center][html] YouTube Video Iframe Code [/html][/center][/b]

iframe can be used to show most other sites in your post window.
Code: [Select]
[center][html]<iframe width="800" height="400" src="WEBSITE URL HTTP://mysite.comwhatever" frameborder="0"></iframe>[/html][/center]Note: iframe does not use BBC tages [ ] instead uses < >
You can change the width and height
iframe does not work with facebook and other certain sites, or any site you must be logged into to use.
iframe must be within the "html" tags but doesn't require the "center' tags

Should "General Bulletin Area" and "Community Discussion" be merged into one page?
Let me know what you think.

Holly fuckin chemstorm!
One day its perfectly clear and gorgeous. The next, it's fucked.

So, on this first post here, all these pictures were taken today. The last three were from some friends on FB and I'm pretty sure they were also taken today.

"Contrails" are trails of condensation that can be seen in the sky when a jet airplane is traveling at above 30,000 feet altitude.
Up there, almost 6 miles high, the air is thinner and colder -- very cold. Outside temperatures can dip to minus 60 F and the air is often full of minute ice crystals that hang suspended and invisible. When these ice crystals get sucked into a hot jet engine they turn into a gas, like steam, and can be seen as puffy white cloud-like lines that follow behind the jets. They usually dissipate and fade away as the moisture once again returns to form invisible ice crystals.

"Chemtrails" are something different. They are often formed behind jet aircraft at a much lower altitude and seem to persist in the sky. They often have a different color from contrails and frequently exhibit a rainbow spectrum if lit just right from the sun.

The idea of spraying aluminum oxide from jet aircraft was patented by Hughes Aircraft in 1990 (see, patent #5003186). The plan proposed "to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude."

senate bill 1807: "The recent Weather Damage Modification Program conducted by the Bureau of Reclamation employed a successful model for combining local, State, and Federal resources in providing a means for scientific evaluation of operational cloud-seeding projects (rainfall and snowfall enhancement and hail suppression) in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California."

I'm gathering information. For now, here's some off-site links.
Cast your vote anonymously and discuss the Jefferson State proposal.
(Open the topic to view the poll)

State of Jefferson brings three more California counties on board - Sacramento Bee

Admin Board - Site Development / Portal Upgrade
« on: July 23, 2015, 12:28:07 PM »
We're working on a new portal system for our front page which will display all recant post, calendar events, and much more on one convenient location. We're working on it.
For now, here's the link to bypass the portal page and view the Forums.

There's also some minor styling glitches which are going to be taken care of.

This will be added to the front page with helpful information on transit schedules.
Did you know you can't take the transit to get from Redding to the coast in one day? I didn't. It's a two-day transit trip.

Gardening and Wildlife / Gardening Tricks
« on: June 25, 2015, 01:02:20 PM »
It's becoming more important than ever that we grow our own produce! Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, peas, broccoli, squash, melons, and more! Our garden is exploding more and more every year and I'd be happy to share my tips and experience!

#1 Good soil. Horse, goat, and chicken manure mixed with old hay, oak and madrone leaves makes some of the best base soil. all is easy and free to obtain all throughout the county.

#2 Water in the evening, every evening. we're all charged a minimum water usage rate so use it and grow some food!

#3 Dont waste water. Sinks, tubs, washer machines can all be rigged to drain into your garden or into storage tanks for hand watering. Use eco-friendly soap (it's not much more in price) and the plants will thrive from all the organic bio-matter that normally gets washed down the drain. It's free plant food!

#4 spend time in your garden. Watch for pests (I'll go into more of that later). Earwigs and cucumber beetels are your biggest battles but thankfully there are easy combat solutions.

#5 Get some chickens! it's and investment to build a critter-proof coop but will pay off for its self in short time. Free fertilizer, fewer bugs, free eggs, and you can feed them all of of your kitchen scraps with a couple handfuls of scratch, so feed is cheap!

More coming soon.

A House Concert and Fundraising Event in Weaverville
Saturday, June 27 - Seating is limited, $50 minimum donation, email for details

Admin Board - Site Development / Avatars and Signatures
« on: June 25, 2015, 08:06:05 AM »

Avatars can be any image or gif as long as it's appropriate. Images will automatically be resized to 200x150px, gifs will not be automatically resized and must be 200x150px or smaller.


Images and gifs can also be used for signatures but must first be uploaded somewhere on the internet.
If you would like to upload your image here, we would be happy to. For now, attach the image to a reply on this topic, we will provide you with a permanent link to use.
If you allready have an image uploaded somewhere and know the link, the formatting code is as follows:
Code: [Select]
[img][/img]copy and paste that into your signature and change the link to point to your image.
Please do not exceed 150px in height.

Animal Support / Off-site Links
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