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I'd expect much more than that honestly. It's still an issue though.
Rants / Re: Hayfork High School Receives Bronze Medal
« Last post by GuestBalls on July 21, 2017, 09:51:02 AM »

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Rants / Hayfork High School Receives Bronze Medal
« Last post by Squirrel on July 18, 2017, 10:44:08 AM »

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No offense, but I don't feel like our schools around here are anything to brag about. Has the national average really fallen so low?
I'm sure a lot of students get passed just so that the teachers don't have to deal with them another year.
I met someone recently who couldn't spell to save his life. He spelt Tuesday like Toosday. I mean, come on. Yes he did go to Trinity High.
Most people around here are not very smart at all. So to me, this says a lot about where the national average inelegance sits.
Calendar Events / Trinity Tribal Gathering
« Last post by Postmaster on July 12, 2017, 11:41:00 AM »
We are so pleased to bring you a full roster of music, speakers and performances for this year’s
Trinity Tribal Gathering!

Taking place Friday September 1 – Sunday, September 3, 2017 at Junction City Park at the foot of the Trinity Alps Wilderness in Northern California!

This year’s Gathering will feature a lineup of music, speakers and forums that has to be one of our best yet. 🙂
See you soon.
On Tuesday 07/11/2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served a search warrant to investigate an allegation of illegal cultivation of marijuana. The parcel in question had no application on file with Humboldt County Building and Planning and no permits issued for the cultivation of commercial marijuana. The search warrant was served in the area of Hyampom just west of the Trinity County line. The following agencies assisted DEU with this investigation: Wardens from California Fish and Wildlife, Biologist from California Fish and Wildlife, CAL Fire officers, specialist from the Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers, and personnel from the California Army National Guard Counter Drug Unit.

Upon responding to the parcel, several Hispanic subjects were observed running from the greenhouses and into the brush. No subjects were detained by law enforcement. DEU documented fifteen (15) greenhouses on the property containing growing marijuana plants. Seven (7) outdoor marijuana grows were also documented on this parcel. A total of 5,491 marijuana plants were eradicated on the property. The property was registered to an LLC. The LLC involved with the property is still under investigation.

California Fish and Wildlife conducted a parallel investigation this parcel and discovered 1 stream bed alteration, 3 separate water diversions, and 1 violation of beneficial storage of water. This is a State Water Board violation and will be forwarded for further follow up.

Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT conducted a parallel investigation and discovered 1 count of failure to submit a HAZAMAT plan for the storage of kerosene.

CAL Fire officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations:

Timber slash violation and 9 violations of operating without a timber conversion permit.

Humboldt County Code Enforcement officers conducted a parallel investigation and discovered the following violations: Grading without a permit, Construction without a permit, solid waste disposal violations, unapproved sewage disposal, junk vehicle violations, and commercial marijuana cultivation ordinance violations.

All criminal violations stemming from the marijuana cultivation investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office maintains a cooperative relationship with all agencies that participated in this investigation. All future investigations into non-compliant marijuana operations will continue to be investigated in this manner.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Originally shared on Facebook, "Weaverville Ca.  Neighborhood Watch"

Iframe to original post

Who is this guy? He just comes in and starts clearing trees without any thought to erosion or runoff.
At least he's using organics.

An interesting point someone commented on his blog is that he doesn't bring up anything about permits, legalities, how he's dispensing it...
It's like he just came in and started growing 1,000 plants. If this is the case, this is not ok.

An Unabashed Look at Setting Up One Cannabis Grow in Trinity County
This article first appeared in a new publication devoted to cannabis, the Emerald Tribune.  (Follow them on Facebook for more cannabis news.) The article is reprinted here with their gracious permission.


    D’Andre Johnson

    D’Andre Johnson has been growing cannabis for years. He recently purchased and began developing a new farm in Trinity County. We caught up with him to talk about the trials and tribulations of setting up a new homestead. D’Andre hopes that his story will help inspire young kids living in California’s major cities.

    This is my first time growing in Trinity County. Last year I was in Siskiyou. When I got this property in February, it was just a home surrounded by trees, with a fence on one side, running next to the road. At first, it was just me up here, cutting down trees.

    I just bought chainsaws and got started. I had cut down a lot of trees at my previous farm, so I felt pretty confident. But these trees are 120 feet tall, 50-80 year old trees! I realized that had no idea what I was doing.

        “Not everything went smoothly with all of the trees.”

    A young man walked up the road and saw me cutting trees. He asked if I needed any help, and I ended up hiring him on. He was working for my neighbor at the time. I guess he liked it better over here, because he stayed on, and then he brought his brother over as well. Now they both work for me.

    There's still plenty of room for potential growth


    Things started moving a lot faster once they got here. We logged for something like a month and a half. I donated a lot of the wood to elderly people throughout town to use as firewood.

        “Trinity has been going a million times better. I don’t have a single complaint.”

    Not everything went smoothly with all of the trees. We were falling this one, when the wind suddenly picked up and started leaning it towards the house. It looked super bad, so we grabbed the big diesel truck and tried to winch it, to fall it downhill. The wind won, and the tree came down, nearly taking out the house. It crashed into a power line and sparks started flying everywhere! That was a bad day.

    The fallen tree stretched all the way from the greenhouse, hundreds of feet up the yard


    We couldn’t develop the property exactly how we imagined it. Initially, we wanted one big flat, but we ended up making multiple terraces. While we were leveling everything out, I flipped a tractor going down to the second terrace. I was coming down a steep hill, and gravity just took me! I fell over 90 degrees, and had to use the bucket to push myself upright. It was fun.

    We even had a little incident when my doggie was younger. She ripped all these plants out of the ground. She broke five plants and ripped out another twenty!

    Since I started in this business, every day has been a learning experience. My previous farm was much more challenging. Trinity has been going a million times better. I don’t have a single complaint.

    It’s been pretty relaxed and chill up here. You don’t see too many crazies. You don’t hear a bunch of gunshots in the middle of the night. Part of that is because the cannabis industry is a lot more new out here. My workers suspect that within the next five years, this is going to become like The Pines. That’s where a majority of the farms in Trinity County are right now.

    Kodak the puppy enjoying downtime on the farm

    The organic market ultimately will be the most valuable. A lot of farmers are marketing specifically for SoCal shoppers, and a sustainable vibe is the route they take.

    It feels like the industry is waiting for the next big invention, but it hasn’t come yet. We found out that there’s a specific market for CBD: only medical. But I want to appeal to both sides. I really like the medical, holistic approach. I don’t like the corporate greed and sponsorships.

    Although I’ve yet to get anything tested, testing is what’s encouraged me to do all organic. Plus, I care about patients’ health. With organic, you’ll get higher yields and a product with a higher potency. It just takes a little more time to figure out your winning formula.

    I just do what all the old guys tell me. A little chicken manure, some steer manure, bat guano, etc, etc. The plants love it, and at this point, I love it too. You can shower as much as you want to, but your hands will still smell like chicken manure for a week.


    Right now we’re working with a photographer to make a mini documentary about the experience. She’s going to come in and take drone pictures to show off the whole farm. We’re already using the hashtag “from a seed to a dream” on all the pictures on social media to promote it.

    The idea is to create a narrative. We want to show kids, especially urban inner-city youth, that a life like this is possible. I’m the first person in my family to cut a tree. I’m living my dream.

View the comments on his blog by clicking the link at the top
They could at least clean up after themselves.
Calendar Events / Deadline for all Fair exhibit entry forms is Friday July 21
« Last post by Squirrel on July 06, 2017, 12:21:16 PM »
Just a reminder, the deadline for all Fair exhibit entry forms is Friday July 21. See below for all exhibit receiving and judging deadlines. "So Much to Share at the County Fair"!

See our facebook page
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