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Admin Board - Site Development / Tackboard Takedown Requests
« Last post by Crimpson on February 01, 2018, 08:13:54 PM »
Community Discussion and General Bulletin Area / the silver leaf
« Last post by rosa m moffitt on January 30, 2018, 07:30:01 AM »
                                                          The silver leaf
I would like you to become my allies and aid me in the mending of my community threw a mother's heart. I have a beautiful family 1 boy three girls. Threw an excessive three year custody battle three returned home and my baby did not. This is not about proving the system flawed it is not about asking you to help vengeance this is what can I do to insure that this does not happen to another innocent family.
        My stand starts here after my trials and tribulations I keep my children and my community as a moving force. My daughter has a rear blood mutation, 1 in 6 million, there are no medical records available to aid professionals. My point beyond the ego buzz of society is…Why persist on continually allowing a system that flaws out way the benefits. No system is without flaws, the ability to provide a stable community of mended family is the primary purpose of the department and agencies. To build a foundation with moral principles and values. We need to respect and preserve the women’s role in humanity.
         Social workers are unequipped to hold passions of rule and place judgement without burden of proof while still attending training seminars and abstaining their credentials. We do not let med students cut and attend brain surgery on the first day, lawyers have to pass a bar yet this government allows students to testify against a guardian to tear apart homes. This is breaking out society. It is useless this late in the storm to drag out endless files of young families who endured trauma threw corruption in my county.
Due to the ongoing concern and cry out from my county to my government. Hear my nations cry for families and traditions to be encouraged and taught in public schools. Early development of home skills can only add clay to the cornerstones of a great nation. Children come out of the system abandoned at 18. Having little to no skills. Survival skills yes, but to only survive is the purpose of a ding kingdom. Furthermore it is a sin against humanity to not take responsibility in ensuring that education taught at home is not stolen for our youth. So that our youth keep stuck in a cycle of self-destruction only to ensure job security. Our courts are allowing basic people to decide the roles of family and taking god’s power of appointed family into their own hands. Agency’s demand total submission without burden of proof rigidly causing causing PTSD. And hopelessness.
          I know my baby was one of the lucky ones. I must go on everyday ingraining that she is alive and will be home soon.  Her adopted parents are powerful forces in the north state. She is mayor of a nerve by town, and he resided as mayor before her. They are pastor and co-pastor of the biggest church branch this side of Sacramento.  She leads youth programs that teach prevention and domestic violence awareness. I fought for three years after losing my appeal I saw in black and white how simple it was. My lawyer was arrested during trial for a prostitution rink. The judger quit just recently due to bribes and election fraud. The lead social worker quit as well as two others. Not to mention the three who walked away from their agency’s cooperation. My little girl broke my town’s heart.
I quit my job and went on a renewal and spiritual cleansing for my family for the summer. I meditated, studied, prayed, and fought my demands of self-centeredness out in flesh, I looked crazy a lot. I did footwork and started talking to my peers outside of the rooms of their control. I was as raw as can be. While I let a higher conscious lead. Then my heart broke and my soul got angry with Jesus and what a sight that was to see. I became suicidal and disruptive. So many doors slammed in my face everyone I knew before was gone. One morning during preparation for my day I felt god touch my heart and said. “ it you stay I will spend an eternity making it up to you” pillars of our community should be held accountable for not upholding a code of conduct, live by the standards you set as example.  Ones that support growth rather than destruction,
           I and my children are having a hard time adjusting to the chunk of time, we are not whole. To live here is so painful at times.  She is missed daily, endlessly. Please help me give my kids a life full of open doors. Relocating may be the only way to change the laws from the inside. I would like to go to college and study ethics, understanding human behavior, and communication. (Transportation is a huge mountain for us right now.) And from there the body of Christ can open for the Holy Spirit to move threw to guide me to assist humanity in healing.

What I have been handed;
        A young child is precious at age 8-13. Their ability to capture dream threw hope is unmeasurable. A young minds maturity to develop fundamental skills of value for adulthood is ripened. 13-18 is a time for us to nature their dreams of a profession life. Teaching at this time things along the line of economics, politics, and religion. Our college student loans are over run by young adults acquiring basics skills. By offering home back in public schools our federal money can be better used to balance by veering our youth to focus more on science, math, and the arts.
            No agency should have the power over medical professionals. Medical depend children should not be removed from blood under no circumstance. Unless death is feared. Medical side effects should not be used to support removal.  Protection of The identity of the foster family is not a priority for these children. It is not in the best interest of child their primary purpose.  An open meeting with all persons involved in child’s life should hold a face to face with all agencies. When medical decisions are made.
New therapy with old values need to be readmitted to our lives.  New ways to heal from birth as a family unit should be studied. I know the effects of my life won’t be felt for a long time but I am solid on my beliefs we have so much to discuss. Looking forward to that day.
                                                                                                                               Thank you,
                                                                                                                             Ms. Moffitt
                                                                                                                       Po box 3032 Weaverville ca 96093

look up pattern focused based study of family  called ACE org.
Trinity County poorest in California
Posted: Jan. 17, 2018 By: Linda Watkins-Bennett - Action News Now

The financial news and opinion website "24/7 Wall Street" ranks Trinity County as the poorest county in California.
To identify the poorest counties in each state, the agency reviewed median annual household income for every county in the United States with at least 10,000 residents, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Trinity County's median household income is $35,270.00 ... compared to the state median household income of $63,783.00.
The poverty rate in Trinity County stands at twenty percent, with a five percent unemployment rate.
The website says that with just four people per square mile, the county is one of the least densely populated counties in California, and analysts say it lacks much of the economic activity prevalent in the more dense and prosperous parts of the state.
Community Discussion and General Bulletin Area / Woodcutters Coalition
« Last post by Crimpson on December 31, 2017, 02:48:08 PM »
This is just a placeholder. Someone who is in touch more with the Alliance please help me start this page.
People who cut firewood for a living can band together and set the market price and inform the public of bad sellers.
This page will also share all the local rules and regulations as well as information on open cut areas for the public.
We can also keep an up-to-date listing of regular firewood sellers. With a one-stop find all, anyone in this alliance stands to benefit from increased business.
Community Discussion and General Bulletin Area / The Weed Business
« Last post by Crimpson on December 19, 2017, 06:54:51 AM »
Cannabis Industry Discussion

So if anyone's worked as a trimmer lately, you'd know the payout to trim workers had been falling off a cliff. Trimmers today are lucky to get 150 a pound when less than ten years ago workers were getting close to 300 a pound. At the current wages, trimmers are likely to be matching minimum wage, averaging a pound, two at most, within a 13 hour work period. At this rate, with one pound a day, you're working at minimum wage.

Why is this?
Thanks to the Trimmigrants! Many people think trimmigrants just come from neighboring states with stricter weed regulations, when in fact a vast majority of them migrant from foreign countries such as Canada, Mexico, and most commonly Europe. Nearly all of these "visitors" don't have work permits and specifically come to work for the growers during harvest season. Apparently word spread fast in other countries about how good the pay was and how much money someone could make trimming for a few months. Only a few years ago the average wage was two hundred a pound. It's because of these illegal workers who come here specifically for harvest that the wage has declined so much as they're willing to work for minimum wage, because it's either that or they go home. Trimmigrants are the mexicans of the weed farmer.

This hurts our local economy as now it's become unworth it for locals to work as trimmers, meaning more money is leaving the area in the hands of illegal migrant workers. We're talking hundreds of thousands overall that would otherwise boost our local economy. That's the real problem here, not weather or not young adults these days want to get a job as a trimmer because it recently payed 20+ an hour. It's a job, and was a good one at that. It was an honest workers wage for trimming, now it's a cut-rate wage for dishonest workers who frequently rip off their employers.

Now we're dealing with thugs and gangs like the Chinese Mongs, Mexican Cartel, and Russian Mafia. Yes that's real.
It's been the old timers for all these years who have kept their profits local, paid their workers well, and even make huge charitable donations to local organizations. Not only have the work wages dropped to rock bottom, but many of the mass growers who hire these immigrants are not locals them selves and the money they make from their harvest leaves the area with them.
Thanks to these mass growers, locals are lucky to move their crop for a thousand a pound, people are letting theirs go for half that! That's money that helps our community and in perfect time for Christmas, weather you agree with marijuana cultivation or not.

In short:
Industrial growers who have moved into the area within the last ten years have dropped the value of weed sales from 3,000 a pound to 1,000 if you're lucky, and regularly hire trimmigrants from foreign countries who don't have work visas and are willing to take minimum wage, dropping the trimmers wage from 300 a pound, to 150 if you're lucky. I hear of some growers paying their workers only 100 a pound.

I have witnessed this. I have been to work scenes and there's always either Mexicans, Canadians, or Europeans. You're sitting around a table trimming for weeks on end, people talk and get to know each other. Most of these foreigns aren't bad people, and it's really enlightening to make friends and talk about the cultural dynamic, why they're here, how our countries and traditions differ. I don't blame them for wanting to come here and make good money, but everyone's been undercutting each other and they're willing to take less and less. These growers who are in it strictly for the business and profits have been penny pinching their workers and have steadily dropped the overall value to what it is today.
Perhaps it's not the farmers fault entirely, however. Final buyers have been getting pickier and pickier.

The bright side of this?
It hurts mass growers business most of all. Everyone is constantly undercutting their competition trying to move pounds. Buyers have gotten savy and now "shop" for the best price, which will keep it falling. There's already now almost no money in growing on a commercial scale with so many factors: fertilizers, building beds, watering and irrigation equipment, gas, generators, cost of living, feeding and paying workers, on and on and on. Then there's the transporting of the end product, even one small bust can take out all remaining profits for the growers.
So in short, it won't be worth it any more. There's already a lot of talk about how people want out of the business and it's not worth it. There's no money in it any more.
This year, trimmers are making just above minimum wage. over the next few years of so, minimum wage is going up to 15/hr which means a typical minimum wage jobs will pay better than trimming. Trimming wages will have to compete as the appeal to immigrants declines. Or maybe it won't- I don't know.

2017 I've heard first hand accounts of fake swat team raiding rural grow sites, showing up in swat vans and gear with guns, taking all of the pot and leaving. Sheriff reports confirm.
Numerous reporting of the same scenario with white vanes and u-hauls. Weed robberies at gunpoint.

The Future of Business:
Here's my prediction anyway. I think business is going through a fluctuation and right now it's hitting a low point.
With so much market flooding accumulating over the years, the overall value of weed is going to decline until there is no profit in it on a commercial scale, which is what's happening now.
I hear commercial growers are going to fade out, at least the ones blowing it up out here. I believe this to be true as there's becoming less value in the business. As with all lucrative markets, the big corporations are going to capitalize and monopolize the industry. Marlboro is already selling their "Green Pack" and making steps towards mass cultivation and retailing to the public. Marijuana packs will be sold right next to your common cigarettes. If Marlboro has anything to do with it, natural and organic will be disregarded and they'll be full of additives. I believe the commercial brands will do to marijuana what they did to tobacco, and that demand for natural and organic weed from non-incorporated growers will go up.
I'd expect much more than that honestly. It's still an issue though.
Rants / Re: Hayfork High School Receives Bronze Medal
« Last post by GuestBalls on July 21, 2017, 09:51:02 AM »

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Rants / Hayfork High School Receives Bronze Medal
« Last post by Squirrel on July 18, 2017, 10:44:08 AM »

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No offense, but I don't feel like our schools around here are anything to brag about. Has the national average really fallen so low?
I'm sure a lot of students get passed just so that the teachers don't have to deal with them another year.
I met someone recently who couldn't spell to save his life. He spelt Tuesday like Toosday. I mean, come on. Yes he did go to Trinity High.
Most people around here are not very smart at all. So to me, this says a lot about where the national average inelegance sits.
Calendar Events / Trinity Tribal Gathering
« Last post by Postmaster on July 12, 2017, 11:41:00 AM »
We are so pleased to bring you a full roster of music, speakers and performances for this year’s
Trinity Tribal Gathering!

Taking place Friday September 1 – Sunday, September 3, 2017 at Junction City Park at the foot of the Trinity Alps Wilderness in Northern California!

This year’s Gathering will feature a lineup of music, speakers and forums that has to be one of our best yet. 🙂
See you soon.
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