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Title: Welcome Crafters and Cottage Industrialists!
Post by: Crimpson on January 09, 2014, 03:44:10 PM

Do you have a crafting skill you would like to advertise for all of Trinity County to see? Not just Trinity County, but the entire world as well! Are you wanting to put your product online for anyone to see with absolutely zero cost? No catch! Completely free for local crafters to display their product, and for shoppers to contact them to arrange purchases and commissions.
Sales will still need to be done in person and are the sole responsibility between the buyer and seller. This site can be used as an directory and showcase, and offers much, much more.

If you're having problems using this Forum, help is readily available. Start by clicking "Help" in the top menu.
You're also welcome to ask questions or for support here on the Admin Board. Support will always be available!

I've come to realize the biggest problem home crafters have is finding an outlet to sell their crafts. In most cases a storefront is simply financially infeasible. What option is left besides setting up on the side of the street? This makes it exceedingly difficult and impractical for anyone to make it on their own, or supplement their income by selling their own crafts. Many people are forced to rely fully on a job instead of having a measure of security in themselves and what they can do. Welcome to the Trinity County Community - Crafting Boards. Here you can advertise your craft with no charge to you or your customers. It's easy, convenient, low maintenance, and can fit anyone's schedule! Crafters can edit and update their own threads (page), add pictures, receive comments, requests, have conversations and so much more. All in the convenience of your own time.

How Sales Work:
Well that's really up to the seller and buyer. This website takes no responsibility in the selling of items or receiving of payment for items sold or services rendered, nor do we affiliate with any payments or exchange of goods or services.
So how does it work? Use the private message system to exchange personal information and arrange a physical meetup or dropoff to exchange products or services.
Do not give or ask for sensitive information like credit cards. In almost all cases a physical meeting will need to be arranged. Its up to you how to handle it.

Coming Soon: