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Author Topic: Proposal for monitoring illegal and hostile cultivation of marijuana  (Read 1402 times)

Description: Taking Hospital District Parcel Tax to hire another sheriff

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This is a proposal for monitoring illegal and hostile cultivation of marijuana within neighborhoods.
from an unknown source. Give us your opinion!

Marijuana Control Initiative
Neighborhood Relief
Community Peace

Whereas the cultivation of marijuana in Trinity County has impacted established communities in a number of serious ways, this ballot Measure is so constructed as to serve as a means toward an end.  The goal of this initiative is to aid in restoration of ?Peaceable Communities? in a manner that benefits the county as a whole.

1. First Year - 7.5% of the Mountain Community Hospital District Parcel Tax will go to the Sheriff?s Department specifically to hire and retain one deputy.

2. Second Year ? An Additional 7.5% of HPT goes to the District Attorney to aid in case load through the hire and retention of an assistant.

3. Third Year- A final 7.5% of HPT goes to the Sheriff?s Department to hire and retain another deputy.


1. The redirection of funds from HPT must not be undone through cuts to the District Attorney or Sheriff?s Department or any other measure/act that results in negation of this initiative

2. Once per week, a deputy will be assigned to a neighborhood for a day to observe traffic and conditions.  The deputy will be so housed as to conceal his/her presence and document all conditions observed such as high traffic, noise, smell, harassment intimidation that are known to stem from hostile growers.

3. Abatement measures to relieve neighborhoods of undue stress shall be given high priority, and re checked for compliance at random intervals.

4. This measure, if approved, will remain in effect for 4 years, requiring vote of majority of Trinity County registered voters to alter, amend or terminate.  County is precluded from taking any measure to alter, amend, and terminate any part of this measure without voter approval.

5. (Any funds from citizens wishing to contribute to cannabis control efforts shall be split between the District Attorney, Sheriff?s Department and the Hospital District until the Hospital District has been reimbursed to its portion of HPT of current year overseen by the Grand Jury.)