Author Topic: Youth Activities in Trinity County  (Read 715 times)

Description: Lets get a proper list going

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Youth Activities in Trinity County
« on: May 28, 2015, 01:09:00 PM »
We need a simple list of everything that's available to do for entertainment activities within town limits. I'm starting by making a list of everything that's available for the young adults who are inhibited by lack of transportation and limited supervision.
What can the young adults do for entertainment and activities within and close to town? Lets fight boredom!
This list should expand into a second part for adult independents; activities, classes, courses and entertainment.

  • Skate Park, still in the works.
  • The Factory- Free Pool, Ping-Pong, Video Games and Other Activities (Located by the Highschool on 299)
  • Airsoft Tournaments (Need info!)
  • Dirt Biking and Offroading (See Trails and Offroading)
  • Team-Up Community Service (Highly Rewarding!) (Need Kickstarter and Info)
  • Hayfork Moto races and Practices. It isn't free, but it's affordable and fun.
  • Organized Sports (Baseball, Soccer, Basketball... Need Info)
  • Group Mountain Bike Riding (Need Awareness and Safety Standards Guideline)
  • Community Pool at Lowden Park (Need Hours and Access Info)
  • Disc Golf (Need Locations and Open Meeting Times)
  • Scouts?

I know there's classes offered for gardening, and the Community Garden (Can I get some info please? maybe start a thread in the Gardening and Wildlife page?) and I know there's science and nature hikes. We need a meet-up thread and the community calendar on this site could probably be of some use!

Horseback lessons? Martial Arts and Sparring? Paintball? Community Art Projects? Apprenticeship Programs?

If anyone has information or Ideas, please feel free to contribute! Guests can comment on this page after a verification check (image code). You can also use the facebook plugin at the bottom of the page and as long as you're logged into facebook you can simply leave a comment. Membership here if free and encouraged.
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Re: Youth Activities in Trinity County
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2016, 04:03:43 PM »
The Weaverville Youth Center, for ages 8 - 17
4-H for ages 5 - 19