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Formatting cheat sheet
« on: August 17, 2016, 09:54:58 AM »
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- - - - - - Marquee! Moving on to Youtube embedding and iframe use - - - - - -
Embedding Youtube Videos:

1) Go To YouTube and pick a Video any video which you want to embed on Simple Machine Forum
2) Click the Share tab
3) After that You need to click Embed
4) Once the Embed is clicked you will able to see the Iframe Code - Copy that Code
5) Then Go to Your Forum were you want create a new topic / post
6) Lets put some content before you embed a YouTube Video in Simple Machine Forum (Best Practice Tips from YouTube)
7) After the Content You need to Put some simple Code as below
Code: [Select]
[b][center][html] YouTube Video Iframe Code [/html][/center][/b]

Iframe code

iframe can be used to show most other sites in your post window.
Code: [Select]
[center][html]<iframe width="800" height="400" src="WEBSITE URL HTTP://mysite.comwhatever" frameborder="0"></iframe>[/html][/center]Note: iframe does not use BBC tages [ ] instead uses < >
You can change the width and height
iframe does not work with facebook and other certain sites, or any site you must be logged into to use.
iframe must be within the "html" tags but doesn't require the "center' tags

Attachments inserted into posts
Attachment options

Code: [Select]
[attachment] id=[b]{id}[/b] {parameter}={value}][/attachment]
Allowed parameters:
id                   {attachment id}   ID number of the attachment to show inline (NOT attachment number!)
width                   {width}   Desired width of image to show.  Valid: positive integers.
height               {height}   Desired height of image to show.  Valid: positive integers.
float                   {float}   Floats image to relation to everything else.  Valid: left, right, center
margin           {pixels}   Margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-left           {pixels}   Left margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-right   {pixels}   Right margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-top    {pixels}   Top margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
margin-bottom   {pixels}   Bottom margin around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
border-style   {style}   Border style.  Valid: none, dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset
border-width   {pixels}   Border width around inline attachment.  Valid: positive integers
border-color   {color}   Border color.  Valid formats: plain text, #xxx, #xxxxxx, rbg(d,d,d)
scale            {answer}   Override scaling of image.  Valid: true, false, yes, no
msg                   {msg ID}   Message ID number.  Valid: positive integers.

The Old Way:
If you want to insert an image inline in the post somewhere, the image needs to be on the internet allready somewhere, either from an image hosting site or uploaded here as an attachment first. If you upload it here as an attachment, you can then view your post, view your attached image, right click on your image and click "copy image location". You now have the image's URL.
Insert your image like so:
Code: [Select]
You can also resize your image:
Code: [Select]
[img width=300]http://image-url[/img]you can use any width, numbers are in pixels.

Below are the thumbnail of the original attachment that was uploaded.

Basic BBcode Tags

Here is a link to the basic bulletin board codes by SMF
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